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For over 10 years, Yonder Media has been the face of award-winning digital, mobile and social media innovation


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As one of the country's most prolific digital media agencies, Yonder's impressive collection of accolades and awards speaks to our relentless pursuit of media optimisation. From social, right through to Please Call Me campaigns, Yonder's capacity to run high-reach, targeted campaigns across multiple simultaneous channels establishes us as an industry leader.


Yonder's award-winning development team has powered the systems that run some of Africa's largest brands and their campaigns. As a full-service, enterprise-level development house, Yonder Development bridges the gap between art and code, bringing brands to life through web, social, AI chatbots, USSD and more.

content_copycontent management

Yonder's significant experience in all spheres of content management - from social, through to web, as well as AI chatbots - ensures our clients' digital assets remain fresh and relevant.


Yonder's deep understanding of digital and mobile translates into our design ethos, producing graphics that scale from the cheapest phone to desktop screens, and in-between. Additionally, Yonder is skilled in animation, video and sound production.

social media

Deep integration with well-know social platforms empowers our clients to run the most sophisticated, targeted and measurable campaigns. As an official Facebook Marketing Partner, Yonder enjoys access to the latest emerging technologies, and is a multi-award winner across several categories for our many social campaigns.


Yonder's brain trust of thought leaders and mobile veterans lends itself to powerful, insightful digital strategies that expose our clients to the most effective technologies and campaigns that translate to measurable growth and exposure.

project management

Complex campaigns require complex planning, and Yonder's project management division is the driving force behind our deadline-driven, detail-oriented campaigns. Our ability to laterally integrate services and deliverables across several providers into a coherent campaign, reinforces our reputation for punctual, precision releases.


Without context, data is meaningless. One of Yonder's primary strengths is the ability to translate and navigate large data into narrative-driven stories, allowing our clients to properly understand their campaigns, and make informed decisions - often in real-time. Backed by powerful analytical and dashboard engines, Yonder's business-friendly reporting interfaces uncover the unknown, and empower decision-makers to act on emerging information.

reward mechanics

Enjoying unparalleled integration into nationwide vouchering and coupon systems - as well as to real-time airtime and data providers - means Yonder can run campaigns that reward instantly, and cost effectively. Our massive success in such large-scale campaigns has earned us the reputation of undisputed leaders in the digital promotional and competition space.



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Rick Joubert
Chief Executive Officer

With experience as Executive Head of Vodacom until 2009, and a founding member of the Mobile Marketing Association of South Africa (MMA), Rick's involvement in the mobile, media and tech space is unquestionable.

His charismatic and driven leadership style has guided Yonder to become the recognised, award-winning agency it is today.  Unrivalled knowledge of emerging trends in the mobile space makes Rick a sought-after strategist for many large companies.

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Fiona Potgieter
Managing Director

Fiona's uncompromising dedication to accuracy, quality and ingenuity are a few of the characteristics that allow her and her team to provide Yonder's clients with some of the most innovative, targeted (and award-winning) campaigns in the country.

Having joined the company at its inception, Fiona's passion for all matters mobile have been the reason why Yonder is able to provide the full-spectrum, omni-channel solutions it does today.

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Thys Potgieter
Sales Director

Thys has been with Yonder for since its inception, and co-ordinates the company's sales activities and directives.  Charming, affable and approachable, Thys' people-driven mantra is the friendly face of the company.

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Johan Van der Walt
Chief Technology Officer

Johan has been the effective bridge between Yonder's technical growth, and its expanding portfolio of clients since starting in 2010.  Under his watch, the company has become one of the country's leading specialist in mobile tech, whilst steering the commercial and technical integrations into major providers such as Wigroup, Facebook and others.

Operating in the Cape Town branch, Johan ensures the Yonder's technical evolution to ensure a stable of services and products that empower our clients to run the most effective, targeted campaigns possible.



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